Thai Village Restaurant, Willingdon


If you have any special dietary requests, please speak to our staff and our Chef will be pleased to help.

Dishes marked with * are not available for take-away.

Desserts *
84. Sliced Warm Banana | Freshly prepared with Coconut Milk 3.95
85. Loy-Gaew-Sam-Kasat | Three fruits native to Thailand – Lychee, Longan and Rambutan served in a Light Syrup, topped with a decorative Sorbet 4.95
86. Pineapple Quarters | Pineapple Ice Cream served in Pineapple quarters with leaves 4.50
87. Coconut Halves | Half Coconut Shell filled with Exotic Coconut Ice Cream and Coconut pieces, topped with a Chocolate Leaf 3.95
88. Chocolate Trufito | Chocolate Ice Cream with a smooth liquid Chocolate centre, with a crisp Chocolate cover, sprinkled with Nuts 3.95
89. Whole Lemon Sorbet | A scooped-out Fresh Lemon filled with a zesty Lemon Sorbet 3.95
90. Whole Orange Sorbet | A scooped-out Fresh Orange filled with a tangy Orange Sorbet 3.95
91. Exotic Ice Cream | Four Luxury Diary Ice Creams made with Jersey Double Cream
a. Caradamon – Highly aromatic Citrus-like and floral flavours, with a Menthol undertone
b. Cinnamon – Deliciously sweet, warm and woody flavours
c. Nutmeg – Sublime aromatic, sweet and rich flavours
d. Vanilla – Luxurious and indulgent Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar
Nespresso *

  Cappuccino | Latte | Americano 2.50
  Brandy Coffee 4.50
  Liquer Coffee | Please ask for your preference 3.95
  Teas | English, Jasmine and Green 2.00