Thai Village Restaurant, Willingdon


Please note we are closed from 5th November to 2nd December.

If you have any special dietary requests, please speak to our staff and our Chef will be pleased to help.

Dishes marked with * are not available for take-away.

Desserts *
84. Sliced Warm Banana | Freshly prepared with Coconut Milk �3.95
85. Loy-Gaew-Sam-Kasat | Three fruits native to Thailand – Lychee, Longan and Rambutan served in a Light Syrup, topped with a decorative Sorbet �4.95
86. Pineapple Quarters | Pineapple Ice Cream served in Pineapple quarters with leaves �4.50
87. Coconut Halves | Half Coconut Shell filled with Exotic Coconut Ice Cream and Coconut pieces, topped with a Chocolate Leaf �3.95
88. Chocolate Trufito | Chocolate Ice Cream with a smooth liquid Chocolate centre, with a crisp Chocolate cover, sprinkled with Nuts �3.95
89. Whole Lemon Sorbet | A scooped-out Fresh Lemon filled with a zesty Lemon Sorbet �3.95
90. Whole Orange Sorbet | A scooped-out Fresh Orange filled with a tangy Orange Sorbet �3.95
91. Exotic Ice Cream | Four Luxury Diary Ice Creams made with Jersey Double Cream
a. Caradamon – Highly aromatic Citrus-like and floral flavours, with a Menthol undertone
b. Cinnamon – Deliciously sweet, warm and woody flavours
c. Nutmeg – Sublime aromatic, sweet and rich flavours
d. Vanilla – Luxurious and indulgent Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar
Nespresso *

  Cappuccino | Latte | Americano �2.50
  Brandy Coffee �4.50
  Liquer Coffee | Please ask for your preference �3.95
  Teas | English, Jasmine and Green �2.00