Thai Village Restaurant, Willingdon


If you have any special dietary requests, please speak to our staff and our Chef will be pleased to help.

Food Allergy Advice
Our dishes are prepared in areas where allergenic ingredients are present, so we cannot guarantee that dishes are 100% free of these ingredients. Some dishes may contain traces of nuts, wheat, gluten or other allergenic ingredients. Please ask before you order.

10% off take-away orders.

1. Prawn Crackers | Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce £3.50
2. Chicken Satay | Marinated Barbeque Chicken served with Homemade Peanut Sauce £7.50
3. Cee-Krong-Moo | Tender Ribs cooked slowly in Garlic, Ginger and Num Prik Pao £7.95
4. Po-Pia-Pek | Vegetable Spring Rolls served with Sweet Chilli Sauce £7.50
5. Po-Pia-Ped | Shredded Roast Duck and Vegetable Rolls in Cashew Nut and Hoisin Sauce £7.50
6. Khanom Pang Na Gung and Moo | Slices of White Bread topped with Minced Prawns and Pak, Garlic, Egg then deep fried £7.50
7. Gung Tod | Lightly battered Crispy King Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce £7.50
8. Pak Choob | Vegetable Tempura, lightly battered with Sweet Chilli Sauce £7.50
9. Gung Hi-Ma | Breaded Butterfly King Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce £7.50
10. Ka-Doom-Tong | Crispy Mushroom with Sweet Chilli Sauce £7.50
11. Gung-Hom-Pha | King Prawns wrapped in a parcel and deep fried £7.50
12. Tod-Mun-Pla | Fish Cake served with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Crushed Peanut and Coriander £7.50
13. Tao-Hu-Tord | Deep fried tofu served with sweet chilli sauce. £7.50
14. Khanom Jeeb (DimSum) | Minced pork and prawns wrapped in wonton pastry and steamed. £7.50
15. Mixed Starter | An assortment of five different Canapes:
Chicken Satay, Po-Pia-Pak, Gung-Hom-Pha, Tod-Mun-Pla & Khanom Pang Na Gung. Minimum order for two
£7.75 per person
Chef's Special Appetisers
16. Scallops | Cooked in a Garlic Butter Sauce £11.95
17. Hoi-Ob | Steamed Mussels with Lemongrass, White Wine and Sweet Basil, served with a Spicy Thai Sauce £11.95
18. Gung Prig Pao | Grilled Giant King Prawns, topped with Num Prik Pao and Lime Leaves £11.95
19. Gung Prig Khing | Grilled Giant King Prawns topped with a special sauce of Red Curry Paste, French Beans and Lime Leaves £11.95
Famous Thai Soups
20. Tom-Yum | King Prawn or Chicken or Mushrooms in a spicy hot Lemongrass Soup
Mushrooms (v): £7.25
Chicken: £7.50
King Prawn: £7.95
21. Tom-Kha | King Prawn or Chicken or Mushrooms in a Coconut Milk, Galangel and Lemongrass Soup
Mushrooms (v): £7.25
Chicken: £7.50
King Prawn: £7.95
22. Tom-Yum Poh-Tek | Mixed Seafood in a spicy, hot and sour Lemongrass Soup £8.95